Steven Krueger Ospite alla Always and Forever ItaCon

Steven KruegerSteven e’ un Ospite Regular e partecipera’ nelle giornate di Sabato e Domenica 20-21 Luglio 2019 alla Always and Forever ItaCon a Roma.

Steven is a Regular Guest and will attend both Saturday and Sunday 20th – 21st July 2019 at Always and Forever ItaCon in Rome.

Steven Krueger was born in the small town of Appleton, WI and spent his early
childhood in Brookfield, a suburb of Milwaukee. After his parents’ divorce he
moved with his mother and younger brother to Sarasota, FL at age 10. When he
started high school his mother insisted that he try acting. He was reluctant, but
after his first day of class, he knew his mother was right. He absolutely loved it and
he began to immerse himself in extracurricular activities in the arts. Ultimately he
graduated high school and attended the University of Virginia with an eye on law
In a twist of fate one summer, Steven found himself in Los Angeles for a
prestigious internship at a law firm. It was then that he realized he simply couldn’t
ignore his passion for acting. He began studying with a number of prominent
acting teachers and before long, made the difficult decision to change course and
pursue a professional acting career.
In a relatively short amount of time Steven had booked a number of guest spots on
television shows including “90210”, “Two and a Half Men”, “Workaholics”,
“Parenthood”, and “Pretty Little Liars”. In his free time, to make ends meet,
Steven tutored college students taking the LSAT and hoping to attend law school
In 2013, Steven caught his break when he booked a recurring role on the CW’s
spinoff of “The Vampire Diaries”. His character Josh on “The Originals” quickly
became a fan favorite and Steven stayed with the show for its entire 5-year run,
eventually being promoted to series regular. During his years on the show he was
able to make time for appearances in other television shows like “Hawaii 5-0”. He
also earned his first major film credits with a supporting role alongside Jack Black
in the Sony blockbuster “Goosebumps” and a starring role opposite Sarah Hyland
in the indie horror film “Satanic”. Steven currently resides in Los Angeles.

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