Victoria Moroles alla Nemeton ItaCon Glorious

Victoria Moroles alla Nemeton ItaCon GloriousVictoria Moroles prendera’ parte per la prima volta alla Nemeton ItaCon Glorious nelle giornate di Sabato 29 e Domencia 30 Giugno 2019 a Roma. Victoria e’ un Regular Guest di tipo A.

Victoria Moroles will take part at the Nemeton ItaCon Glorious on both Saturday and Sunday 29 and 30th June 2019. Victoria is a Regular Guest type A.

Victoria Moroles was born in Corpus Christi, TX and lived out her early childhood in the nearby small town of Rockport. Having spent most of her younger days in the art studio of her Uncle Jesus Moroles, she lived under constant inspiration of him and his work. This was one of the biggest influences on her love for the arts, along with her love for dance, which she had been immersed in since the age of 3. Performing anywhere felt like home, but there was sparse opportunity in South Texas which led her to LA at the age of 12 to begin her acting career. 

Victoria has taken part in several short films, before starting acting for Disney Channel Liv and Maddie, she is known also for her role as Hayden Romero in MTV’s TeenWolf in season 5 and 6.

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